Monday, July 10, 2006

Zainudin Zidan

Bagusss... bagusss.. kepala kau memang power. Tanduk bola power. Tanduk orang pun power. Lain kali pasang tanduk lembu dulu kat dahi sebelum tanduk orang. Nasib baik budak Italy tu takde buah dada. Kalau tak, sure kena kanser buah dada lepas kena tanduk ngan ko.

Whatever bad things he did, He's the greatest footballer of this era, after Diego Amando Maradona.

Cheers France Supporter! France did a good job last nite. Only luck was not there for them.


terabot said...

ur kebarangkalian mengena ah taiko..but like u said i stil loe zidane..dia pressure tu...

azq said...

GULL!! bila replay eh? nak tengok gak la mcm mana zidane ni tanduk orang.

13may said...

apa benda yg Materazzi cakap kat Zainudin tuh sampai Zainudin dah sampai tahap nak tanduk dada mamat tuh?

Anonymous said...

mat razzi: woi kuda tua, balik makan french fries lagi baik la. tunggu nak botak baru nak bersara. wek...wek.. kuda tua.. eh silap.. wek... wek... kuda botak... (sambil tangan pegang telinga... dan lidah terjelir2 -tapi aksi ni kamera tak sempat tangkap)

zainudin: #&%,,?~@(#387 +":<>@#<@*&... gedebuk!

mat razzi: Adoi la sakitnya... reff sakit ni...

cam tu kot

Picollo Mondo said...

ele..France manja sangat..sikit-sikit penalti.takde keje lain. Si Zainudin tu pon satu, hangin tak tentu pasal. balik Mlako je la.. pi motong gotah.

Anonymous said...

aloo Taiko..mana Chi gi? tak bley masuk pun blog dia?

lilyliverbird said...

must have been something serious for Zidane to do wot he did. I feel sad for him. What a legacy to leave behind when he's such a great footballer :(

May13th said...

Tanduk orang boleh jadi best player FIFA WC2006.....sempoi sempoi.....

Uda said...

Sah si matterazzi tue kutuk zidan. takkan mamat tue bole heading dier plak.... aku support zidan, kalau betul si mamat materazzi kutuk zidan dgn rasis remark.... malah aku pon nak heading si materazzi tue jugak..

maddox said...

what a way for Zidane to end his career!

Tenno Miyake said...

italian memang terkenal as racist. tak guna FIFA buat anti-discrimination campaign. patutnya diorang buat campaign tu amongst the european countries aje..

dalam dunia ni sape yang paling racist dari dulu sampai skrg..

omputih aje..

tapi melayu pun ada ma.. cina pun ada..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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